Are you feeling like the senior in your life has slowly fallen into a routine? It’s normal for older people to fall into a routine that eventually dulls their enthusiasm and negatively impacts their physical and mental health. There’s good news: You can introduce many exciting activities to improve the overall quality of life.

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There’s a wide array of ideas that are suited to a variety of physical and mental capabilities, so you are able to involve your loved one’s elderly in as many ways as feasible.

Take a look at this checklist of 10 fun activities, and leverage them as you’d like to aid your elderly loved ones become more engaged in their own life.

  • Crafting Let their creative juices go wild with any number of crafting options. Invite them to paint with acrylics or watercolors Draw and sketch (with any pencils or markers to chalk or crayons) make basic or more complex patterns, make jewelry, create pottery or take part in any other craft that allows them to exhibit their artistic side. Many older adults enjoy the time and freedom to discover new ideas. This is also a fantastic way to get to know others within a group. Your loved one might even want to wear, give away or even sell their creative creations.

  • Gardening If you have a loved one who is elderly who is outdoors-loving gardening is a wonderful alternative. Even if they don’t have the physical strength and capability to handle more challenging gardening, there’s still easy tasks to do like raking the placement of seeds and watering. You can take care of anything including flowers, shrubs and fruit and herbs. This activity awakens the senses, and offers the person in your life a chance to soak in some essential Vitamin D. If you’re looking for more physically able elderly, there’s the additional benefit of working out in jobs like digging, weeding and potting. The fruits of their labour will be at full flower for further enjoyment.

  • Walking & Exercising Help your loved one with an aging condition get their adrenaline flowing by participating in an exercise routine. Enjoy walks together in their neighborhood, encourage them join an exercise club or register them for swimming. Look into opportunities for organized exercise classes like the senior-friendly aerobics class, yoga or other strength-building and heart-pumping options. If it’s hard for them to leave their homes Consider setting up exercise videos that they could participate with on the television or via a computer.

  • Higher Learning Are you a family member who is an academic type? Give them an opportunity to take part in regular lectures or classes for continuing education. This is a fantastic way to maintain mental alertness and engagement. A few senior living communities as well as community centers in the area offer the same kinds of educational opportunities. You can check out the opportunities at nearby community colleges. There are many possibilities to benefit from the academic and cultural offerings for seniors.

  • Reading & Writing If the senior in your life enjoys magazines, books, and other reading material, make sure to have these choices available to them regularly. This can be done as a couple, either between the two of you or as a group. Would they enjoy discussing the books they’ve read recently in a book group setting? This is a fantastic way to voice their opinions and connect with other people. Perhaps they prefer to create your own tales. If that’s the case Encourage them to start some writing of their own. Stories, short pieces, family histories, poetry, autobiography, writing, how-to’s, and fiction–the sky’s your limit! Writing can help keep your mind sharp and the creativity active. Writing can also help